Kristin participated on a float at the annual Hollywood Christmas parade.

She also recently joined the Harvardwood Actors Network 

La Mesa, an indie western that Kristin shot a couple years ago with a friend has been picked up for distrubution by Lions Gate. Stay tuned for where you can grab a copy!

Kristin can be seen on NBC's Medium. Starring Patricia Arquette.

Kristin is shooting an indie in New Mexico called "La Mesa". She plays Nancy, one of the leads in the western. Also this month Kristin participated in the Anteaus Company's Classics fest. She played Erotium in "The Menaechmus Twins" by Plautus, translated by Dakin Matthews.

Kristin is guest starring on CSI:NY as Tracy Colton, a nurse with a secret (and a weird scratch), in the episode "Wasted". If you haven't seen this show yet, you should, it's excellent! CSI:NY is on CBS, Wednesday nights @ 10pm. It stars Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes.

Kristin can be seen on CBS' smash hit NUMB3RS, as Sheriff Deputy Ford, delivering news to FBI agent Don Eppes, played by Rob Morrow and his brother, math genius Charlie Eppes, played by David Krumholtz. Look for her late November in an episode called "Toxin". NUMB3RS is on CBS Friday nights at 10pm.

Kristin can be seen on stage as sexy Heather in the Coop's FINAL episode of their epic ONE BOOTH JOINT. Showtimes are Fridays and Saturdays late night @ 10pm (10/28 - 11/19) at The Black Box in Santa Monica. Tickets are $ 12. Call 310 979 7078 for more info.

Kristin originated the lead role of Laura in the world premiere of Paula Christensen's IN VITRO, staged by the MacGuffin Theatre Company in Los Angeles, to great reviews and full houses. Back Stage West said this: "Kristin Proctor is surefired as Laura, one of those lovely careful women who has done everything right and refuses to admit there might not be a reward." As well as: "[...] Christensen has a very polished voice and did we mention those fantastic actors?". Also in the production were: Brooke Bloom, Joel Spence, Jeff Bass, Steve Howard, Nikki Trostad and Allisyn Ashley Arm.

Kristin can be seen on Navy NCIS on CBS. She plays lieutenant Susan Elzey, the student with all the right answers in an episode called "An eye for an eye".

Kristin can be heard (not seen, sniffle...) as raunchy caller Julie, calling into "Big Boy in the morning" on 106fm. Where? On ENTOURAGE ofcourse, HBO's hit new comedy. Keep an ear out for her.

Kristin is the "hot chick" Cassie on Happy Family. In episode "1:42", where she has a close encounter with youngest son Tim at the local bar. Look for her end of October 2003. Happy Family is on NBC Tuesday nights at 8.30. It stars John Larroquette and Christine Baranski.

Starting June 1st 2003 you can see Kristin in the second season of HBOs critically acclaimed series THE WIRE. Kristin plays Aimee, a recurring character in season two, the girlfriend of Nick Sobotka, played by Pablo Schreiber. Aimee is from the Baltimore's Locust Point and gets by working as a hairdresser. She hopes of having a better life for herself, Nick and Ashley, their 4 year old daughter. But things don't seem to go her way when she finds out Nick has been working for the wrong people.